Salmon + Veggies

After spinning class, I made a delicious dinner.

It consisted of:

1. Kale chips – best recipe ever! I now buy kale whenever I go to the grocery store.

2. Sweet potato fries – I sliced up my FIRST sweet potato EVER. I put all the pieces on aluminum on a baking sheet and drizzled them with about .5 tbsp of olive oil. Then I sprinkled garlic powder and black pepper and backed at 400 for about 20 minutes. I waited till the bottoms of the potatoes blackened. DELICIOUS.

I ate the kale chips and sweet potatoes with Jewel organic ketchup (Yes! I quit corn syrup)

3. Steamed broccoli

4. Baked salmon (a frozen salmon fillet thawed overnight in the fridge. We bake it in a Pyrex pie pan with a coating of olive oil on the bottom, about .5 tbsp of butter spread on top of the salmon and salt/pepper/lots of lemon!)

I ate my salmon with my new salsa! I’ll put up a pic.

"The Salsa"

Overall, this is what my meal looked like.

Last weekend (Friday) I worked at this event sponsored by Whole Foods (!) and got 2 GOODIE BAGS (basically, the Whole Foods flier and 2 of these crispy wafer chocolate natural bar-ish things in reusable shopping bags. Soooo, for dessert I had the dark chocolate bar.

Very delicious and satisfying.

Allright. So that was my first blog post! Let me know what you think.


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