I always know I’m looking good at the gym when I’m fluttering my arms with 5lb weights next to the steroid-induced maniac who’s heaving 75s. Hahahahhaha, anyone who goes to Lifetime by Old Orchard look for me. I’m always the girl in the middle of all the tanned bulkers lifting the smallest weights available.

But, my workout was fantastic! And after school, when the house was CLEAN, I made my dinner and refrigerated it for later. Whenever I make this pasta, I make 2 servings. One for today, one for lunch tomorrow! Something to always look forward to.

First, I chopped the veggies while the water was boiling. I used 1 green pepper, a good chunk of broccoli, a small handful of spinach, 2 off the vine tomatoes (that my fam forgot about!!!!) and 1/2 a chicken breast. Then I cooked the pasta, and put all my ingredients togetherrr.

First, I put about 1T of olive oil in a large skillet. Then all the veggies and pasta. Then I sprinkled with garlic powder and onion flakes (gross, I know, but we didn’t have any fresh onion).

I just stirred that around until it smelled reeeeallllly good. And it was done!

I split the HUGE serving into two separate tupperwares (excited to eat after the gym!) and sprinkled about 1T of shredded asiago on each. And watched it meltttt.

Update: It was PERFECT. Especially after my super hard workout at the gym! And that Clif Bar I ate earlier was amazinggg.

After din, I prepped my breakfast cookie for tomorrow with the classical recipe, 1/2 mashed banana and 1/4 cup “My Beefed Up Trader Joe’s Sweet and Savory Trail Mix” (more on that at another time) and ate the other half of the banana and a couple nuts.

So excited for the morning, which is my favorite way to fall asleep!


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