this perfect fruit

So much fruit!


Pre-dinner, my daddy-o chopped up a pineapple and a watermelon 🙂 The pineapple was almost too ripe, perfect. And watermelon was watermelon 🙂

After a couple hours of digestion I made a HUGE salad. I’m going to U of I this weekend to see one of my best friends Maggie’s brother graduate (YAY! Mike!) so I had to use up all my greens in the fridge. Get this: I wake up tomorrow at 6am and go for a light run, pick up Maggie at 7am, go to U of I until Sunday and leave there at noon. As soon as I get back, I’m going straight to work (I work at Ravinia in catering and Sunday night it’s a wedding) which will be a late night. Monday I have school, then work orientation, then radio banquet. Tuesday will probably be the first day between tomorrow morning and then that I will have time for a good workout. Weird. I hate not having free time.

Well, back to the salad. It was a massive amount of chopped spinach, 1 avocado, a couple leaves of basil, 1 tomato, some asiago cheese, leftover chicken breast and balsamic vinegar all on top of an olive-oil egg puff (recipe in a previous post.) It was delicious and sooo filling.

Hope everyone has more time this weekend then I did! Enjoy yourselves 🙂


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