I’m at U of I right nowww, sitting in our dank hotel room waiting for Maggie to finish showering so we can hit the road. It’s raining and about 60 outside. Bleh.

Yesterday was hilarious. I started the drive with an iced grande, no water unsweetened green tea from Sbuxxx and hit the road. I only had one banana for 4 hours and was STARVING by the time we got in.

We went to Noodles & Co. for lunch – I got the Chinese Chop Salad with no wontons, added chicken breast and dressing on the side. It was decent. The lettuce was horrible.

We had frozen yogurt halfway through the day. It was one of those self-serve places they have posted on every single large college campus in America. They’re dangerous I tell you! You really have no idea how much you’re actually getting, until they weigh it. And it costs $6. Hahahaha.

Dinner was INCREDIBLE! I took some pictures, but they all turned out really badly because the room was so dark. We went to KoFusion, some trendy sushi place, and our meal was the best sushi meal I have ever had in my entire life.

I can’t even begin to describe the rolls we ate (1, because I don’t know their names and 2,  they were that amazing).

We started with miso soup, which I didn’t finish because I knew I would want ALOT of sushi. Here’s my beautiful Maggie friend slurping on hers.

And EDAMAME of course.

Then we had a goat cheese and strawberry salad — I am defdef going to try to recreate!

The actual dinner consisted of 6 different rolls (split between all 5 of us!) I’ll admit, I did go a little sushi-crazy but you would have also if you got to taste these babies!

We got the

Spicy tuna roll topped with masago, crushed cashews and tempura crunch flakes

salmon, cream cheese, and avocado

asparagus, snapper, salmon and tuna in a spicy sauce topped with a hot sauce

baked shrimp and crab on California roll

baked unaki, avocado, tobiko on top

and another one which I can’t find online… but it had spinach in it and was incredible!

I didn’t eat the philly because I hate cream cheese in sushi… and in general…

This is what my sample plate looked like:

The picture doesn’t even come to describe the rolls.

By the end of the night, I had about 12 rolls! AMAZING!


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