monster sam

On my way home, I had a venti no water unsweetened iced GT (I just refer to it as the GT)… and mediocre oats at the hotel with .5 banana. Then I ate another banana when my fruit salad was mushy and sketchy. Then on the drive I had another .5 banana so 2 bananas in total. Yummmy.


I ate it with my beautiful Natalie friend… who has been working out by herself!!!! Wow! It used to be me dragging her to the gym but I guess the tide has changed!

We made EPIC sandwiches.

Mine was: 2 pieces of whole wheat toasted with .5 avocado spread on one slice, about 1T pesto spread on the other, turkey, .5 piece of provolone ripped up, some cucumber, sprouts, romaine and red pepper. They were HUGE!

And a pre-bite view

So crunchy. So good.


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