embracing the heat

I’ve been embracing the heat.

This morning, I prepared for my protein shake by FREEZING the cup of milk. This way, I didn’t need to add ice which I’ve found just leads to unnecessary volume and a watered-down flavor.

So my shake consisted of 1 cup frozen milk, .5 frozen banana, 1 scoop vanilla whey, cinnamon and A MINIATURE HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK. Yes, I’m aware that isn’t legitimate chocolate but I still have 5 more minis hiding in my bedroom which will find thier way into food all week.

At the bottom of the shake was a cold surprise…

Then I proceeded to a picnic with the ladies.

I brought hummus and veggies (brocolli, sugar snap peas and carrots).

I also munched on fruit salad.

Some guac (with veggies).

Then filled the empty guac container with some white popcorn.

I also had some pita chips mixed in there.

Kelly came with watermelon

and pineapple (x2) 🙂

Wheeew. That was alot. I just got home and am going to spinning in 25 min! So I had 1/3 of a clif for extra energy. I knew if I had the entire thing it would make me sick because of the ridiculous heat.

I’m off to spinning! More lateerrrr.


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