Yummmyyy. I wanted eggs and salad. So I made an egg-based salad…. or something like that.

I first sauteed a large handful of spinach and .5 cup of black beans in about 1t olive oil and fresh garlic, then I added 3 eggwhites with about 1/3 of a yolk hahahaha which I scrambled into the spinach and beans. Once it was all cooked, I added my favorite salsa and 1/4 of an avocado. It was soooooo yummy.

I also split 1 sweet potato made into “fries” with Frances. With organic ketchup of course.

Frances is my baby sis. She LOVED them.

For dessert I had 1/4 cup of my fav. trail mix. It’s been sitting in the heat for the last couple o days and the chocolate chips were all melting and it was SOOOO GOOD. So I had another 1/4 cup.

Yummmmy. When its winter again I’m still gonna melt my trail mix before I eat it. Makes it perfect.


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