back from the dead!

Haven’t posted in about…. forever?

Because something big happened.

I went to


It was a life-changing, incredible experience and will forever be remembered.

It was a hot, hot, hot sweaty experience. I was dripping (LITERALLY) 24-hours a day. I woke up drenched, showered in a hose, started sweating while walking back to camp from the showers and went to bed wet. It was glorious.

Food wasn’t great nor worth being photographed.

Throughout this week I’ll give more and more snippets into what Bonnaroo was like, starting tomorrow (where I will talk about Thursday) while also getting myself back on track.

One thing I realized (because I was with my fabulous Natalie) is that I want to look amazing at Lollapalooza. So I might go a little protein crazy the next couple of weeks to jump start my failure over Bonnaroo.

Wish me luck!

Check back tomorrow…

P.S. I don”t want any of you to think that I am a bad blogger! I’ll be back on my game soon enough.


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