Thursday… on Tuesday

So today was a pretty boring day. I slept in realllly late (till 1 pm!) to recover from Bonnaroo.

When I woke up I was starving and had leftover steak from last night and 2 strawberries for breakfast.

Before I hit the gym, I had a protein shake but I forgot to freeze the milk, so I used some vanilla non-fat greek yogurt to thicken it up. I did not like the taste. Tomorrow I’m freezing the milk early!

Okayyyy so on to Bonnaroo.

I’m going to sum up day 1 today.

It was last Thursday.

Me and my bestie Natalie drove down (8 hours!) to Tennessee Wednesday night and stayed in a hotel about 30 minutes from the festival in Manchester. On Thursday morning the line was stretched 15 miles down one side of the highway leading into the entrance and about 8 miles on the other side. We were in line for 8 hours! The line was on the shoulder of the highway with normal traffic in the 2 lanes next to us.

We took Natalie’s car down, which is an old red Volvo, and couldn’t handle the heat. The air conditioning didn’t work and after about 4 hours in line, we had to turn on the HEAT to cool the engine. It was brutal.

Once we pulled into our campsite, we quickly set up and collapsed. Throughout the weekend we drank 1 case and a half of water!

Natalie is the more musical of us two and showed me several bands throughout the weekend. Thursday we saw Local Natives (I had never heard of them before and LOVED them), Miike Snow (muddy and crowded, the music was iffy) and Lotus (fun jam-band dance sesh).

We went to bed the earliest of the weekend and got excited for more fun.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Friday!!!


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