Friday… on Wednesday

Woo! Today was my first real day back. As in, I had some great food and a great workout.

Breakfast first. I woke up to an almost empty container of non-fat vanilla Chobani and put another 1/2 container in it (about 160 cals and 44% of daily protein), I added 2 chopped strawberries, 3 or 4 T of flax meal and a dribble of blueberry kefir. It was a pretty hearty mixture.

and all mixed up!

After breakfast I hung with my sister and went to the bank, starbucks (iced grande unsweetened no water green tea) and WHOLE FOODS!!!! There we had tons of fresh fruit samples (2 pieces of watermelon, a cherry, 2 tortilla chips with fresh fruit salsa, peaches, grapes) and I got some goodies.

Drew convinced me to get some Synergy Kombucha tea. I was a bit iffy to try it because you can see the bacteria floating in it. But supposedly, its super good for you and super yummy. I also got some raw kale salad and a delicious treat. Peanut Butter and Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. As soon as I got home I had 1T and it was amazinggg. Its all I can think about and want some soooo bad right now. But I won’t. Check it out. And the nutrition facts (less fat and cals then my almond butter!!!)

Then I went to hot yoga with Drew. It was a crazy good class and I haven’t been in super long. Surprisingly, I could still do a lot of the moves and some even stronger than I used to be able to!

After yoga I drank my Kombucha.

Dinner was delicious. I sauteed a salmon filet in 1T of olive oil and fresh garlic, and topped it with fresh lemon juice, no sodium tomato sauce and 3 chopped cherry tomatoes on top. I also ate about 1/2 of my kale salad with dinner.

Okayyy. So enough with today, and onto Bonnaroooo.

Friday was the first sweat morning. Thursday night ended pretty early (about 1am) and we went straight to bed. It was sooo hot at night that we slept in our underwear. When we woke up Friday morning, we were literally soaked in sweat. Not only that, everyone woke up at 8am latest because it was sooo hot outside. So even if we were able to sleep through the heat, we still would be woken up by all the noise. Mornings waking up were the worst part of the entire festival, everything else was pretty good.

On Friday we saw Edward Sharpe, Umphrey’s McGee, Damian Marley and Nas, THE NATIONAL, The Flaming Lips, Bassnectar, KiD CuDi and LCD Soundsystem.

Edward Sharpe was super good except it was pretty crowded and I couldn’t get any good glimpses of the band.

Umphrey’s McGee was super jammy and fun.

Damian put on a GREAT show on the main stage. We were walking through during his set, and even once we left Centeroo (the actual part of the festival with the stages and tents, vendors, stores etc…) we could still hear him playing.

The National was superb. We went back to get a blanket and laid on the ground listening to them. They mixed old stuff and new stuff perfectly.

The Flaming Lips was a little lame. They always put on an amazing show (I saw the same one back in Chicago). However this time, the crowd was a little off. No one really seemed into the music and Wayne just trying to urge people on which wasn’t really working. We left the Lips after about 30 minutes and went straight to Bassnectar.

Bassnectar was incredible. The switch was such a good decision. He put on an amazing set, playing all the songs I wanted to hear and remixing it perfectly. I am so excited to see him again when he comes to Chicago in August.

Kid Cudi was good from what we heard. He was in a tent, and we can for the last couple songs after Bassnectar. Me and Natalie weren’t going to even try to make it somewhat into the crowd because it was huge and super dense. We stood at the back in a truck and could see over all of the crowd. His last, most popular songs were the best and for many of them everyone put thier lighters in the air which made it that much better.

LCD Soundsystem surprised me. I never really took that band seriously and after seeing them live I realized they truly are incredible! The lead singer has an amazing voice. It ended up getting a little weird at that show because a naked guy crowd surfed and then tried to run on stage and security had to taze him. Besides that little incident, it was super good. I definitely will start to listen to more of LCD after Bonnaroo.

That’s all for now! More about Saturday tomorrow!


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