eeeehhh boring

I came home from Kellys starving and about to go to the gym so had the other part of that Carrot Cake clif bar from a little bit ago.

When I left I put a cup of skim milk in the fridge. When I came back I made a protein shake with 1/2 a frozen banana, my frozen milk, vanilla whey protein powder and cinnamon. Sooo delicious! When it was finished blending I added broken pieces of Special Dark. It was superb.

When I go to Starbucks I get extra cups for my protein shakes later on. Always good for moving on the go!

At my aunt’s house I ate alot of cherries.

And dinner was a little bit of sausage. I wasn’t very hungry.

I’m going to yoga super early so I’m gonna go to bed and have a boring breakfast. Goooodnight!



Yayyyy. So first, I want to talk about YESTERDAY.

I feel like I haven’t posted in forever because yesterday was a major pic day!!!!

I slept over at Natalies and woke up to fresh fruit.

Then we did some yoga in her backyard and went for a run on the beach. It was super nice.

After that, we made veggie wraps!

They were whole wheat tortillas with pesto, colorful peppers, we split 1/4 of an avocado so 1/8 of an avocado each, spinach, sundried tomatoes and 2 slices of turkey!

This was is Natalies:

This one is mine:

Here’s Natalie with her wrap (I told you she had an amazing bod!)

Aaaand all rolled up!

And we split a Naked Juice Tropical Smoothie with Coconut Water

All set up:

and a Dove Bliss Dark Chocolate for dessert!

Dinner I ate at Kelly’s which was sweet corn on the cob :), steak and caesar saladddd. Not the perfect dinner nutrition wise but tasted great!


loooooooooost my camera corddd

and have so many good pics to put up!

i’ll keep looking and post ASAP! stick arounddd!


Yummmyyy. I wanted eggs and salad. So I made an egg-based salad…. or something like that.

I first sauteed a large handful of spinach and .5 cup of black beans in about 1t olive oil and fresh garlic, then I added 3 eggwhites with about 1/3 of a yolk hahahaha which I scrambled into the spinach and beans. Once it was all cooked, I added my favorite salsa and 1/4 of an avocado. It was soooooo yummy.

I also split 1 sweet potato made into “fries” with Frances. With organic ketchup of course.

Frances is my baby sis. She LOVED them.

For dessert I had 1/4 cup of my fav. trail mix. It’s been sitting in the heat for the last couple o days and the chocolate chips were all melting and it was SOOOO GOOD. So I had another 1/4 cup.

Yummmmy. When its winter again I’m still gonna melt my trail mix before I eat it. Makes it perfect.

embracing the heat

I’ve been embracing the heat.

This morning, I prepared for my protein shake by FREEZING the cup of milk. This way, I didn’t need to add ice which I’ve found just leads to unnecessary volume and a watered-down flavor.

So my shake consisted of 1 cup frozen milk, .5 frozen banana, 1 scoop vanilla whey, cinnamon and A MINIATURE HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK. Yes, I’m aware that isn’t legitimate chocolate but I still have 5 more minis hiding in my bedroom which will find thier way into food all week.

At the bottom of the shake was a cold surprise…

Then I proceeded to a picnic with the ladies.

I brought hummus and veggies (brocolli, sugar snap peas and carrots).

I also munched on fruit salad.

Some guac (with veggies).

Then filled the empty guac container with some white popcorn.

I also had some pita chips mixed in there.

Kelly came with watermelon

and pineapple (x2) 🙂

Wheeew. That was alot. I just got home and am going to spinning in 25 min! So I had 1/3 of a clif for extra energy. I knew if I had the entire thing it would make me sick because of the ridiculous heat.

I’m off to spinning! More lateerrrr.

Hotttt weather

It was 90 YESTERDAY!!!! AAAAAAnd the air conditioning (airco) doesn’t work in this godforsaken rental house…… Jeezzz. Its horrific.

Well, I started the day with a protein shake (1 cup 2% milk, ice, 1 scoop vanilla whey, .5 frozen banana, ICE)

It was perfect! Breakfast snack was some grapes. No pic needed.

So then all of the seniors went to school to get our yearbooks 😦 It was sad, but they look amazinggg!!!!

And I went to my friend Elena’s house for lunch. I made half a sandwich on some very whole-grain, high fiber, low carb bread with turkey, 1/4 avocado, mustard, tomato and lettuce! It was perfect.

I also munched on some tortilla chips and salsa.

The day was sooo hot (almost too hot for eating alot, if you know what I mean). Thankfully, I worked out in the morning so I wasn’t worried about fueling for exercise.

Dinner was very very light.

We had some fruit (unpictured) and made lime-seltzer blends.

Very refreshing!

I’m doing Fitnessista’s SUMMER SHAPE-UP! and am spinning this afternoon so I should be fueling all day… Hmmm…. Need ideas for light, powerful food!

been missing

summers officially here… which means I no longer have any time for food pictures!!!

heehee just kidding, but really… I stopped taking those and I dont know why!?!

So I’m making a pledge to promise to continue photographing my food from here on out.

Starting tomorrow.

Get ready.