And no pics….

Sorry. I’ve been really bad at this whole thing the past 2 days.

Today, I didn’t have to go to my super early morning class, so instead went to the gym with Natalie! She is totally my fitness inspiration these days. The girl hasn’t continuously worked out for the past, probably 3 years, lifetime and still is in amazing shape. She did a 4-minute plank the other day, while I’m puffing my chest at my measly 45-second one. I love trying to keep up with her!

I slept at her house and last night we scrambled 2 eggwhites and 1 egg each to put in the fridge for this morning.

After the gym, once I got to school, I had an apple. Nothing special.

For lunch we went to Foodstuffs! Love of my life. I had half of a roasted turkey, spinach, avocado, basil, roasted tomatoes, a little pesto and a little dijon, wrapped into a whole-wheat tortilla. It was perfect.

Tonight, I’m feeling a major salad because I reallllly need to eat up my avocadoes and some watermelon I’m tempted to cut up?

Who knows. But, I will take pictures!

More later


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